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Young professionals, entrepreneurs and university students are welcome to join CCJCC by becoming members in our local chapters. Chapters are open to everyone between the ages of 16 and 40. CCJCC members exemplify diversity. They came from different countries, different academic backgrounds, and different races. However, they share one thing in common: they are all outstanding visionaries who are interested in business between Canada and China and are willing to strive for success. We offer two types of individual membership: Golden member & Regular member. No matter which type of membership you prefer, you can get benefits from CCJCC branches in Montreal, Vancouver and Shanghai.Please refer to the following information for more details on the individual membership plan.

Regular membership: free

– Access to CCJCC’s events at regular price
– Subscription to CCJCC’s newsletter
– Access to CCJCC’s job/internship and business information
– CCJCC member Facebook group
– Build connection for your career and business

If you have any questions/inquiries, you may contact:

Chen Fan
+1 514-246-2122

Please fill this form for applying to CCJCC Regular Member: Apply Now