The China-Canada Junior Chamber of Commerce (CCJCC) was founded in March 2012 by a group of visionary McGill University students in Montreal, Canada. On June 13th 2013, CCJCC officially registered as a non-profit organization under the Canadian Not-For-Profit Corporations Act.

Since day one, CCJCC has become an international platform for ambitious young people who are interested or involved in business ventures between China and Canada. Headquartered in Montreal, with representatives in Vancouver, Shanghai and Beijing, CCJCC currently has 40 staffs serving over 1500 members consisting of university level students, young professionals and entrepreneurs.

Past events include the 1st, 2nd  and 3rd Annual Canada-China Youth Business Forum, Business Trip to China in collaboration with Sept Days, Canada-China Startup Conference, Inaugural Ceremony, Internship Program with Sun Life Financial, Free Mandarin Lessons, and regular networking events. CCJCC’s spirit and slogan: Dream it, Do it!

About - Who we are


CCJCC strives to build an international platform for ambitious young business people across Canada and China to connect, communicate, and cooperate; to change the world together.

1. To build a networking platform for members to connect internal members and external connections.
2. To promote entrepreneurship and start-ups between or within Canada and China.
3. To enhance the cultural communication between youth in Canada and China.
4. To provide events and services tailored to our members’ interests, careers, and businesses.
5. To collaborate with NGOs, companies, governments, universities, and institutions.
6. To welcome ambitious youth regardless of nationality, race, gender or beliefs.


1. Members first: the interests of our community of members must be our first priority.
2. Passion: passion is the fuel that drives our organization forward. We expect our stakeholders never give up on doing what they believe is right.
3. Integrity: we demonstrate a commitment to honesty and ethics.
4. Humility: we have the humility and hunger to learn from anyone and anywhere.
5. Professionalism: we expect our people demonstrate professional attitudes, perseverance and excellence in their work.
6. Innovation: we bring creativity in initiating change, development and improvement.